Overriding drawLineText method of CreateJS

By Todd Flom November 20th, 2020, under Uncategorized

I needed to superscript some specific characters in a dynamic text field in CreateJS , so I built a prototype function to do just that.


Memory limit uploading media in wordpress

By Todd Flom June 23rd, 2020, under Uncategorized

I was having issues figuring out why we were reaching a hard limit on upload size even after doing all of the normal fixes though wp-config, .htaccess and apache. We found out the issue was with the all-in-one-security plugin. The all-in-one plugin overrides the apache limit size on instantiation. line 332-333 of  wp-security-utility-htaccess.php



Switched Hosting Companies

By Todd Flom February 23rd, 2017, under Uncategorized

I’ve just switched from IX Webhosting to Little Oak.  Good service.

Switched from MAMP to Ampps

By Todd Flom March 20th, 2015, under Development

I made the switch recently from MAMP to Ampps by Softaculous for localhost site development. I had been using MAMP for what seems like forever and was fine with it. I have to admit I had never purchased the pro version of MAMP and was always okay with editing httpd.conf and hosts.conf to get my virtual sites.
Just a side note, my company did recently purchase the pro version of MAMP, but installation kept failing and I was tired of dealing with it.
Back to the point, having recently found the need more and more to install CMSs and other web apps on almost every site, I was looking for another solution and Ampps is it. With it’s c-panel like manager it makes managing domains almost exactly like my hosting provider’s control panel. And it’s amazing list of one-click web app installs must number over 100. CMSs, Blogs, Forums, Wikis, E-Commerce, etc. The only issue I had with it was difficultly in modifying the localhost root directory. With this I just made a compromise and added an alias through the Ampps alias manager. So, now I have a http://localhost/dev/ where I locate all my temporary small projects that don’t require building out a unique domain.

Add Google Analytics to multiple Vimeo videos

By Todd Flom May 2nd, 2014, under javascript/jquery, Uncategorized

I was working on a page earlier this week that had a number of Vimeo videos embedded within a scroller. Each video needed to have a unique identifier submitted with the analytics event tracking. The event was to be submitted only when any video started being played. Here is the small chunk of code I used for this. Don’t forget to include the Froogaloop library to access the vimeo player’s events.



WP – Mobilizer

By Todd Flom September 11th, 2013, under Uncategorized

I was looking for a mobile custom theme solution for WordPress and ran across this great plug in here: http://www.wp-mobilizer.com or here at wordpress.org: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-mobilizer/

Follow these instructions for implementing a custom theme: http://www.wp-mobilizer.com/documentation/appearance-theme-options/

Remember this line in the header.php of your theme:

[cc lang=”html” tab_size=”2″ lines=”40″]


Remember OSX Spaces?

By Todd Flom September 10th, 2013, under Uncategorized

I was looking for a replacement for spaces, it’ no longer available through Lion. And I stumbled upon Mission Control’s multiple desktops feature. Read more here: http://support.apple.com/kb/PH11158?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US

iPad UIImageView image-based animation alternative

By Todd Flom February 13th, 2011, under iOS, iPad, iPhone, Objective C

I’ve been troubleshooting a project that animates 24 different sets of png images. Each set containing around 30 images. The App would eventually crash when run on an iPad after running through about half a dozen of the animations. Eventually running into a memory limit. In my search for solutions, I ran into Mo DeJong’s PNGAnimatorDemo, which completely solved the memory limit problem.

The example project he provides runs the animation full frame by default so I had to modify some things in order to add it as a subview to another view and to set it inside a CGRect.

The first thing to be done was to create a new property ‘viewCGRect’ with which I could set a CGRect for the ImageAnimatorViewController . I also took out the animationOrientation property and associated code since this is now being added as a subVIew to another view.




Then inside my superViewController I modified the startAnimator method in order to pass a different file name prefix for every animation. As well as a specific length (each animation had varying lengths) and a CGRect with which to draw the animation.





Flash Builder/Flex 4 and ZendAMF alternative connection example

By Todd Flom May 18th, 2010, under ActionScript, Flash, Flex

I was attempting to try out a simple test of ZendAMF and Flash Builder. I had begun by building the test using WAMP on my local machine. I began by using the built in Connect to Data/Service Wizard built into Flash Builder.  The example I was following was from an article over at the Zend Developer Zone called: Data-centric Adobe Flash Builder development with the Zend Framework. Everything worked slick as can be running locally on WAMP but when I tried using the same data connection with my site on my hosting company, I was ending up with errors due to the age of mySQL and PHP that my host is currently using. I am still working on resolving those problems. But in the meantime I was needing to get it to work.  I decided to incorporate the simple example Lee Brimelow used with his Flash and Zend AMF tutorial.

The example here is a simple voting screen to pick from a set of actors for best actor and worst actor. It holds a simple SharedObject variable to determine if you have already voted and keeps you from voting twice.


Here is the awards.php file:



Here is the configConn.inc.php:


P.S. I apologize in advance for any typos due to attempting to make the code more generic.

GreenSock Tweening Platform

By Todd Flom November 4th, 2009, under ActionScript, Flash, Flex

My friend Chuck Stein just sent me a link to the GreenSock tweening libraries:

They have downloads for AS3 and AS2. They are looking pretty cool at first glance.